Voici le message que Jakez à préparé pour remercier l'équipage du IVORY DAWN

Message to the members of the crew of the « Ivory Dawn”.

As Mr Pol Le Bouder’s wife, I really wish to thank the whole crew for the operation of rescue completed in favour of the French sailing boat named “Friko Disul” a few days ago off the West Indies islands. I send you grateful feelings in the name of the whole family who will always keep in mind your action in such a situation which could have turned badly without your rapid intervention. This was a true example of what we call seamen’s solidarity. Thank you for all. I am pleased to tell you that he is recovering day after day in Saint Martin island hospital. My husband would like to know whether you shot photos of the rescue. If so, would you be kind to send some of them by internet to my email address? He would be pleased also to get photos of the members of the crew. We thank you again for your human and professional commitment. Yours gratefully. Mrs Dominique Le Bouder.

Voici la réponse de l'équipage


Good day, In behalf of my crew we are praying for the speedy recovery of Paul. While at sea it is our duty to help for any in distress to rescue precious life like Paul that family is waiting. Herewith some pictures during rescue but we could not send all of it as it is in bulk pictures we could send more once we are in port. All the best and God bless you all with your family, just keep intouch. Cheers, IVORY DAWN CREW in behalf of the crew , regards, Capt. Edwin J. Layson Master, Ivory Dawn